Does LifeCell Work? See The Truth Here

by admin on September 22, 2010

Let me tell you a bit of unfortunate truth:

There are so many skin care creams out there, and that’s partly because… no skin care cream works for everyone. Everyone’s skin is different, everyone’s wrinkles are different, there is just no “miracle” cure for wrinkles…

BUT… some work better than others. In fact, MUCH better. And certain functions of certain creams can take effect regardless of the condition of the user’s skin…

Let me give you an example, related to LifeCell…

If you didn’t know already, the initial function of LifeCell (and it’s big claim to fame) is that it will immediately reduce the appearance of wrinkles in a significant way, to the naked eye. They say that you will notice a visible difference in the way your wrinkles look within 17 seconds of applying it to your problem areas.

It achieves this, by it’s ingredients reflecting tiny molecules of light away from the tiny cracks in your skin that represent your wrinkles. I have shared this picture elsewhere from the LifeCell site but it’s worth showing this picture again to demonstrate:

This is the first and one small function of what LifeCell does for the skin, but it’s something that happens quickly and happens for everyone because it’s not creating a lasting change in the skin (YET!) It’s rare that this particular effect, the immediate reduction in the appearance of problem wrinkles will NOT take place for any user of the cream. That’s where LifeCell is different.

The second, and main part of LifeCell is what it does for the damaged skin cells that are the long term cause of wrinkles, but the best way to illustrate that is with pictures.

Below is another example I have showed elsewhere, but it’s worth demonstrating again:

I think the photos below illustrate nicely the two different effects. These are before and after type shots of a LifeCell customer that we’ve been able to obtain from around the web.

This lady is 87 years old (WOW, right?)

Forget the fact that her skin tone is different in these pictures. It may be because of the cream, or it may be because of the camera light. Just look instead at the areas of these two photos that I have circled in red. Pay particular attention to the area around her lips in these two images:

You should notice here clear vertical lines above her upper lip. Now take a look at the same area on her “after” photo. This is after a few months of her using LifeCell:

As hard as you look, you can’t see those same lines above her lip in this after photo. The same goes for the lines that come from the corners of her mouth. In the second photo they are almost invisible.

The other thing to note is, (sad as it is) wrinkles like that don’t go away when you smile. It’s not just her smile that changes these photos. Analyze them as hard as you can and I think you’ll agree.

Reviews Of Other LifeCell Users?

For those interested I have written another page of LifeCell reviews compiled from those I’ve found from all over the web. If you don’t want to read, the result is basically that 95% of the reviews are from people happy with the results they saw from using LifeCell – firmer, smoother skin, wrinkles that looked like they’d never go away gradually fading into nothing, and more.

DOES LifeCell Work?

Again, no cream is a magic bullet, but from our research, LifeCell is, as one researcher described it “One Of The Top 3 Brands In The Anti Aging Market Place” with the ability to create both short term results (for when you have something you need to be looking your best for) AND long term results (to slow the aging process and cut years off your appearance).

We recommend LifeCell and getting started with the Free 30 Day Trial offer to see for yourself.

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