LifeCell Skin Cream: An Anti Aging Secret?

by admin on September 15, 2010

As you probably know, the new anti aging, wrinkle reduction cream Lifecell has been featured in popular magazines and endorsed by multiple celebrities. But does it do what it claims? Reducing the appearance of wrinkles within 20 seconds of it hitting your skin is a big claim. But is it true?

LifeCell Action #1

Firstly, clarification is needed. When you hear it said that LifeCell cream will remove the appearance of wrinkles within minutes, you have to realize that THAT part of the treatment is not permanent. LifeCell has two functions, the first of which is to go on to the skin, and, with the use of scientifically proven ingredients, deflect natural light away from the “shadows” that are your wrinkles. They use the image below to illustrate:

What this means is that Lifecell can achieve the claimed result of making your wrinkles less noticeable within a minute of putting it on. But at the same time:


This first effect of Lifecell disappears when you wash the cream off.

Many female celebrities use LifeCell before heading out to a photoshoot or to work, for an instant yet extremely natural looking cover up of wrinkles.

But Lifecell’s second function is probably most important.

It’s ingredients are formulated such that it’s ongoing use will actually heal broken skin cells from within, causing the long term, long lasting diminishing of wrinkles that we all desire. It achieves this through multiple ingredients, such as Ubiquinone, who’s benefits for the skin have been reported on in Time magazine, and on NBC.

These long term effects of LifeCell typically set in from one month of use onward and include:

- Improving skin’s firmness and elasticity

- Removes the appearance of unsightly “crow’s feet”

- Dramatically makes your lips look plumped up and provocatively pouty.

One such ingredient, D3PA is described by officials thus:

“D3PA is a universal antioxidant which fights free-radicals known to wrinkles. Free-radicals cause wrinkles by attacking and damaging healthy skin cells.

D3PA has explosively more staying power than any other antioxidant and is a key ingredient in LifeCell.”

What Medical Professionals Say

Cosmetic Surgeon Janet Allenby has said:

“In all my many years of experience, I have never come across a product quite like this.

In many cases this unique product can not only postpone, it can even eliminate the need for Botox injections or cosmetic surgery for many individuals whose only complaint is the appearance lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, age-spots, under-eye dark circles puffiness and “feather” lips that adds years to their face.

Like me, many other cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists recommend LifeCell to our patients.”

Many users have reported noticing not just the instant results but lasting results, after the cream is removed, within their first month of use.

Anyone can try LifeCell cream free of obligation AND free of cost, for 30 days, through the official LifeCell website.

Click Here to learn more about LifeCell and try it for yourself with a FREE Trial today!

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teresa mullis March 25, 2012 at 6:57 am

I love your product! I have only been using it for a week & everyone has noticed a change.I am stage 4 cancer & treatments can dry & wrinkle all your skin. For the first time my skin looks much better.thank you for LifeCell it is changing my life.


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